And so another season draws to a close. “Surely,” I hear you ask, “it must be time for another of those excellent blogs by that Warden chappie?”  Evidently, according to Dorothy, I have volunteered to write it again so here it is.

Many of you will know that we have many types of visitors to Woodovis – some come in their own caravan, tent or motorhome, some stay in our luxury holiday homes – but one new type that has arrived in recent years is the pod dweller or ‘glamper’.

The first contact we have with many of these ‘podders’ is when they telephone to tell us that they have been given a voucher by either :-

a) someone who loves them very much who knows that they love the great outdoors and being close to nature or

b) someone who knows that they what they really love is staying in luxury hotels, being pampered and cosseted – but bears a grudge and has bought them a night in a pod instead.

Whatever – the phone rings and the voice on the other end usually says something like, “Hello, I’ve been given a voucher for a Virgin Experience!”  We resist the temptation to say that certain things are very rare nowadays in our part of  Devon and although we have plenty of experiences we don’t have that many………er……. inexperienced ladies.  We also try and dispel the mental image of what a ‘Virgin Experience’ might entail and then we sort them out with a date to come down to our little bit of heaven.

‘Glamping’ is, of course, short for glamorous camping, although Mrs Warden says her idea of glamour when applied to camping involves central heating, hot and cold running water and a flush loo.  The pods do have a small radiator but are noticeably lacking in the other two of Mrs Warden’s essentials.  Nevertheless the Podders love them. “Snug!” “Cosy” “A real adventure” – we get that all the time.  No-one has said “romantic” although at least two couples have got engaged while staying in our pods and they are a favourite with young couples.  The logo above the door says “LP” which the less romantically inclined will tell you is the name of the manufacturer – Log Pods.  We, however, know that it really stands for “Love Pod”.  As we show young couples into their pod and expound on the benefits of the double-skinned construction (lined with sheep’s wool!), the flat-screen TV and the oil-filled radiator we can’t help but notice that they are distracted, not really listening. They tend to pay more attention when we explain how the bed makes up but we lose them again when we go over the opening times of the swimming pool.  Then we bid them a happy stay and they smile, close the door and curtains and…………probably see whether they can get Dave on the TV.  (They can!)

So if you are fed up with spending hours putting up your tent or you want to get closer to nature or maybe you think that a couple of nights in a double-skinned Love Pod will be the perfect present for your loved one why not give us a ring.  You might be a ‘Pod virgin’ but you’re sure to enjoy the experience.

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