Do you love feeling the wind in your hair? Do you long to explore little lanes and byways? Do you want to take the slower way and admire the scenery rather than rush through it? Do you long to squeeze yourself into tight, clinging lycra*? Do you depend on illegal substances to enhance your performance?

I managed to answer yes to three of the above questions** and so was deemed suitable to be one of the very first to experience the latest addition to the Woodovis family of vehicles. Now all the vehicles at Woodovis have names – Holly the Buggy (Buggy Holly – geddit??), Patrick Mower and Monty Mower – but the two newest addition have yet to be christened. I suggested “Mike the Bike” and “Lunar Cycle” so  you’ll have guessed that they are bikes but, most importantly, they are ELECTRIC bikes.

Imagine how delighted we were when Dorothy told us we’d volunteered to be the first to try the new electric bikes. No really – try and imagine it! Mrs Warden was so delighted she let out a groan that other people might have mistaken for extreme reluctance but I know better. Once I explained that gin and tonic looks just like water when put into a cycle water bottle she couldn’t wait to set off. I managed to talk her out of the lycra. (I have just re-read that sentence and feel I should clarify – I managed to prevent her putting on any lycra!)

Once we’d had the procedures explained to us – evidently you don’t need a length of electric cable several miles long – we set off. To entice Mrs Warden to follow me I was dangling the “water bottles” in front of her and  we fairly flew up the drive. It really is cycling for the terminally casual. No wonder  we were seen as the ideal “volunteers”. We are known for our laid back attitude to life and hard work but the clever gubbins (sorry if this is getting too technical) works out how hard you are having to work and cuts in to push you along – with electicity (or something). All I know is that the hills flatten, the headwind ceases to exist, the countryside glides past and you have time to admire the scenery without even working up a gentle glow. Of course, your legs are going round so the casual observer thinks you are working hard but you aren’t. You suddenly understand how Greg Lemond felt when he won all those Tours de France so easily but no-one is going to make you give a wee sample when you get to your destination.(Probably***)

Our destination was Brentor, the church on the Tor which is just 9 miles from Woodovis. We got there in just 25 minutes whereupon Mrs Warden wrestled the “water bottles” from my grasp. Imagine her surprise when she found they contained water. Imagine how my eyes watered when she expressed her surprise with her knee. Anyway – the bikes are great and one of us can’t wait to have another go. The rest of you can hire them with all the equipment – helmets, panniers etc. for a very reasonable price when you come to Woodovis.

* I have avoided tight sports clothing ever since I hired a wetsuit at the beach and volunteers from Greenpeace kept rolling me back into the water yelling, “Keep him wet!”
** Actually, I answered “yes” to four of those questions but it was pointed out that cider isn’t illegal. I pointed out that it depends where you get your cider from.
*** Should anyone ask you to provide a sample demand to see identification first

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  1. I am gad you had a great experience with the bike, I have heard people give glowing recommendations of woodovis bikes and I am excited to try them!

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