I was talking to one of our happy campers the other day (some call it “standing around chatting” – I prefer to call it “facilitating customer interactivity”) when he said something interesting.

This is how the conversation went:

Happy Camper – “Do you know what I like most about Woodovis?”

Me – “The friendly, helpful staff?  The swimming pool?  The wonderful staff?  The beautifully kept grounds (I’d just got off the mower)?  The dedicated staff?  The wonderfully clean facilities (I’d got off the mower to clean the wee loo)?  The peace and quiet?  The abundant wildlife (I’d just sworn under my breath at a pigeon who had done something nasty on my car)?  The friendly, helpful, dedicated…………….”

Happy Camper – “Signs. You don’t have many signs.”

I must admit that stumped me for a moment but then he told me about the last site he’d stayed at which appeared to have signs for every eventuality.  Some telling you not to do things you would never have considered doing until you saw a sign forbidding you to do them.  Then I realised what he was talking about and realised that, in the past, I had almost fallen prey to “superfluous signs syndrome” myself.

Long ago, in my murky past, I worked on another campsite.  We had taken over the site from one of the major clubs and in the ladies loos there was a notice screwed to the back of each door saying “It Is Forbidden To Put Plastic Bags Down The Toilet!” (Yes, it had an exclamation mark – the sign of a man at the end of his tether). One of the signs had fallen off and was lying on the floor so I decided to do a bit of proper scientific research.  I would leave one cubicle without a sign and see if that cubicle had fewer plastic bags pushed down it.  Guess what?  After three months the score in every loo was….absolutely no plastic bags down any of them.  So we took the signs down.

How we laughed at the mad idiot that had thought it necessary to put up such a stupid sign.  We laughed and laughed right up until the day my first wife (I call her that to keep her on her toes) caught me printing out six copies of a notice that read “It Is Forbidden To Wash Dogs In The Showers!!” (Yes, I know -TWO exclamation marks!).  Of course, anyone daft enough to take a mucky dog into a shower with them and leave the cubicle full of mud and dog hair isn’t going to be dissuaded by an A4 notice taped to the wall – no matter how many exclamation marks it contains.  I put the notices into the recycle bin and learned a valuable lesson.

So – along with all the many other wonderful things at Woodovis (the facilities, the grounds, the pool…did I mention the staff?) we don’t have any superfluous signs.  It might not win us any awards but at least it’s made one camper happy – and that’s what makes our day.

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  1. Ben says:

    Great post

  2. PracticlyPerfectMums says:

    Excellent. I look forward to not seeing them very soon

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