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A Different Kind of ‘Experience’

And so another season draws to a close. “Surely,” I hear you ask, “it must be time for another of those excellent blogs by that Warden chappie?”  Evidently, according to Dorothy, I have volunteered to write it again so here it is. Many of you will know that we have many types of visitors to [...]

Electric bikes for hire at Woodovis

Do you love the wind in your hair?

Do you love feeling the wind in your hair? Do you long to explore little lanes and byways? Do you want to take the slower way and admire the scenery rather than rush through it? Do you long to squeeze yourself into tight, clinging lycra*? Do you depend on illegal substances to enhance your performance? [...]

BBQ rules on a campsite

Hello, good morning and welcome!

What a great Summer! We had a few of the traditional downpours but these were, as usual, restricted to the school holiday period and were brief and sporadic.  Mainly my memories of this year are of warm evenings with everyone sitting outside having barbecues while drinking wine and cider so this might be a good [...]

An image of a daft sign

Give us a sign

I was talking to one of our happy campers the other day (some call it “standing around chatting” – I prefer to call it “facilitating customer interactivity”) when he said something interesting. This is how the conversation went: Happy Camper – “Do you know what I like most about Woodovis?” Me – “The friendly, helpful [...]

The Woodovis Blogger

A Warden’s Life

Why a new blog!  Well, I looked at the Web and found very few blogs written by campsite wardens. How has the world survived with this glaring omission?  So – here’s my attempt to rectify that situation.  It will be your window into the world of a warden – if you are the sort of [...]

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